XPlayer APK Download | Play videos in any format on your Android device

Do you know this app? Have you ever tried this once? Well, I don’t think so, but do you know that this app is a top rated app with more than 50 million users downloads? Oh! Come on, my friend, let me introduce this app to you. XPlayer can be introduced as a professional video playing application that helps users play any video format on their mobile device or tablet. You can either use this player on your laptop or PC. Giving a chance to play any video format is a rare chance you get. You can play any video format on your phone if your phone’s camera video resolutions or display resolutions do not fit the video format. You can view any low to high resolution video on your phone without a single doubt. Besides, you can play the video in your inbuilt video player.

xplayer apk

XPlayer apk is also called the best 4K supported Android video player. The users can watch any video footage that is done by the latest camera equipment. To install this video playing application, your Android device should be within 4.3 or a higher version.

Essential Qualities of XPlayer video playing application

  • Compatibility with ISO image files is a special feature of XPlayer. You don’t need a separate PC to open and view an ISO image now.
  • The supported video formats are; 3gp, Avi, Flv, MOV, m4v, mp4, Ogg, mpg, MPEG, mp2, mpg, and WebM.
  • Supported video resolutions are any low to high resolution such as 4K, HD, and Ultra HD.
  • A hardware booster that helps experience a better video watching experience by accelerating your phone’s hardware functions even if the hardware specifications are low in your device.
  • Safety and Security to your files: You can assign a fingerprint, a pin lock, or a password to keep your files from unauthorized access. You can enable specific security methods and store your files in a private folder where no one can see them.

Special quality traits in XPlayer

The below-mentioned quality traits are unique to XPlayer. You cannot find such qualities in other video playing applications.

  • Network streaming:-Network streaming can be highlighted as a valuable feature that XPlayer offers its users. The user can add any video URL and play or view it in their video player. You can either view it in your background to watch the video while engaging in another task. 
  • Night Mode/ Dark mode:- You can now switch to the dark mode when there’s less light. This feature helps you protect your eyes from bright light where it makes you comfortable looking at the screen while you are watching videos.
  • Quick Mute:- This feature can be taken as a gesture controlling function. Within a single tap, you can mute the video which you are watching.
  • Sleep Timer:- Sleep timer is another special quality trait where you can set a timer to close the video automatically while you are watching the video. This function is way more useful when you feel sleepy or if you have unknowingly slept while the video is playing.
  • Adjust Playback speed:- You can adjust the video’s speed into slow motion or high speed according to your preferences.
  • Intelligent Video organizer:- You can now scam, identify, and view any video that has in your phone storage, SD Card, or your USB Drive by plugging in. 
  • Manage and Share videos:- XPlayer facilitates you to manage videos. You can search, share, or delete them without any problem.
  •   Easy gesture controls:- You can control the brightness, volume, and the playing progress of the video using these controlling gestures. You can move your fingers up and down on the left and right corners to control the brightness and volume in the video you watch. By swiping the main screen left and right, you can control the video progress. 

Moreover, there are special gesture controlling options such as,

  1. You can adjust your video to any ratio.
  2. You can keep the screen lock while watching the video.
  3. You can click on or off the auto-rotation from one place.


XPlayer is a way more useful app to its users when it comes to video playing. Since it allows playing any video in any format, it helps the users who use phones with inadequate facilities. XPlayer gets more unique with its unique quality traits, which is why everybody chooses XPlayer over other video playing applications. I hope you got a full description of the application, XPlayer. So, why don’t you guys give it a try and experience the app on your own? Hurry! Make it yours!

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