Project Makeover – Free Android Game to Satisfy You Makeover Skills

Project Makeover is a character makeup puzzle game with a twist: you can customize the looks of your character in real life!

Project Makeover

With over 10 million players, this addictive puzzle game is free to play on Android mobile, and it’s one of the most popular games in the puzzle games category.

In the Project Makeover Android app, you can create your own character, choose a car and a paint job, and compete on the global leaderboards! We hope you enjoy playing!

Project Makeover Android Puzzle Game

A recent study has found that a projected 3.2 billion individuals will be playing video games in 2022.

This number is up from 1.8 billion in 2018 to just 892 million in 2015.

Video games are becoming a more and more popular hobby with the advancement of technology, specifically the development of virtual reality headsets and smart devices such as smartphones.

In the Project Makeover game, you take on the role of a makeup artist who is tasked with creating looks for the characters in a new video game.

The anime-style graphics and soundtrack make the app feel like it’s straight out of a TV show.

There are so many different looks to apply and personalize yourself with, as you can explore the hair, eyelashes, and eyeshadow for each character in the game.

It’s not always easy getting the makeup on without a cutscene telling you what to do next.

Some of the best features of the Project Makeover app come from its customization aspects.

Project Makeover is a free Android game where players get to create their own characters and personalize them with makeup.

The game features a wide range of character cosmetics, from the everyday face palette to zombie-inspired faces, and more.

What makes it so memorable is that players can also model their creations as actual characters in the game, who then interact with other players’ creations.

Project Makeover is a game where you select an Android and help them transform into its perfect look.

In this game, you can create your own look from a wide variety of options.

This does not only make the process more fun but also more personal for everyone who plays the game.

There are different themes such as classic Hollywood glamour, high fashion, and punk.

The game currently has over 630,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

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