WeTV – For Asian and Local Dramas

Do you love watching some dramas and good TV shows to make yourself feel better? We are all aware that entertainment is a basic need of all humankind. We work ourselves super hard during the day and indeed require some sort of relaxation at some point of the week.

So, why not go ahead, hangout with your family or friends or just sit comfortably on your cosy couch, stack up some snacks and get watching all your favourites on one platform for just absolutely free! If you love some good drama, WeTV is indeed going to provide you with the best.

WeTV comprises of original and super exciting popular shows and numerous drama’s and TV shows that are top hits and will keep you entertained all the way. The new features on the app will blow your mind with some amazing tools such as the latest design of the media player with bullet comments, selection of episodes, different playback speeds, picture in picture mode function, ‘my lists’ and many more amazing features. All of these will ensure to provide you with the best watching experience you’ll ever need.

Features of WeTV App


The app also comprises of a range of genres and TV shows you can choose from. Human preferences vary in large scale, so you might need some good relaxation time or a good laugh with some comedy, or even the need to pump up your adrenaline with some thrilling episodes, no matter what you’re in the mood for, WeTV will guarantee to cater you with the best.

Watching movies and dramas have never been this easy and convenient before. You can easily tap on the category selection and choose exactly what you want to watch. We all know it takes way too much time to actually choose the right show we need to watch.

WeTV makes exploring super easy and save a heck load of time off of your schedule! It also provides the ability to pick right where you left off, so you don’t need to remember where you were last time! you can also adjust the video as per your preference so to make life much more comfortable and better.

You can easily switch onto 360p when using cellular data, so you no longer have to worry about your data running out in the middle of your favourite movie. The multiple subtitle language options allow you to enjoy any type of foreign content with no hassle whatsoever. Screen controls on the app are super easy as well. All you got to do is swipe up and down to adjust the volume levels and brightness and swipe left and right in order to skip forward or backwards of the video. Sit back, relax and enjoy the excitement WeTV has to offer.

Install Dramas app on TV BOX

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