Open Camera APK for Android

Open Camera

When it comes to Android there are lots of camera systems ranging from low end smart phones to high end or flagship phones. Even though some phones have same camera sensor has different qualities due to different manufactures. For example, quality of Samsung 2MP Sony sensor photos may differ to Mi 2MP Sony sensor photos.

Many Android users try to root their Android phones to get more features. Since many Android devices does not receive updates after first 2 or 3 years of release date. Sometimes you may accidently delete your camera app by adding those features. Or simply you want more feature rich camera apk. However, many awesome camera applications are paid or premium. Some of them are not work on all Android phones.

Open Camera is one of the most popular Android camera application that make taking photos and videos simpler. May deliver excellent photos and videos on all most all Android phones. Below listed some of the features of this camera application.

Features of Open Camera apk

  • Completely free and can use all the features without any limitation on any Android phone and tablet.
  • Auto leveling feature helps to perfectly level your photos. That make it easier to take perfect photos easily.
  • If your selfie camera does not have a flash, this camera app can turn your display to bright white in order to provide light for photos. It helps to take selfies in much quality in dark.
  • Set timer to take group photos. Support voice count down that make it even easier.
  • If you are not comfortable with count down timer photos, you can use voice commands to take photos. If you are unable to press capture button on one hand or phone is far away you can use this feature. You can make a noise or say cheese to take photo. Simple and easy.
  • Find photos based on location. Support GPS location tagging. No need to think where you take this photo or video. Open Camera can automatically tag location to photos.
  • You can add custom subtitles to videos. You can add date, location, custom text or description about the video using a simple subtitle file (.srt).
  • Take nice panorama photos. Support both back and front cameras.
  • Optimized noise reduction feature helps to take great night time photos.
  • Support HDR with extra features like ghost removal and auto alignment.

One of the best Google Camera application available on play store. Free Camera application without any advertisements and payments. Simply download and take photos and videos freely.

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