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With growing popularity of varied programs to suit the taste of almost all the people in the world, TV industry has expanded. Modern TV with many technological developments offer many modern features which could easily confuse potential customers of what and how to choose to suit their expectations. Hence whilst introducing a modern and novel concept of a classy entertainment App will also run through some of its main features which are designed for easy and convenient use by its patrons. OttPlayer APP it is.

OTT standalone modern technology brings in without any interruptions TV and Video transmissions via internet efficiently without the slightest blemish or error. Previously this was only possible with the traditional cable or satellite service. Most popular international channels have now switched on to OttPlayer. With OTT streaming has become easy and faster making internet Bills that are much less costly to its users. In the past when the only option was cable TV subscription, the users had to depend on the programs what the cable service provider offered. With OTT Player App the users can choose the programs what they want.

Watch all you IPTV content with OttPlayer


Widest device options – set up the OTT APP in the TV, Tablets, Set-Top box, or the smartphones. Centralized Control – is offered via the web irrespective of what device is used. M3U – Technology in the App will support its users to describe where media files are located in both Audio and Video. Example a M3U8 file will direct and give references to files online of a Radio station featured in the net making selection easy. M3U8 will create a file in the user device to build a playlist of personal series in  videos or music. Now isn’t this feature fantastic? Access the file containing your favourites easily and quickly and start on the playlist of what you want to listen or view, whenever you want, to at your convenience.

OTT allows the personal set up files to include the channel order of preference and to receive programme guide.

With OttPlayer featuring 1000 ++ programs from major platforms of TV and Audio, and with the App’s super quality interface will make where the users device is placed to take the effect of a 3 D theatre. Watch the favourites in a cosy and chilling atmosphere. Involve family and friends to make the atmosphere even greater. Relaxation knows nothing better than this.

OttPlayer APP features the most effective playlists management. Edit, Upload, Add or Delete channels is possible. Uninterrupted usage made possible with no Ads popping up. With modern technology build in OttPlayer APP with its advanced features will enable its users to fine tune their devices to bring in their choicest of the programs most conveniently and easily.

OttPlayer is bound to bring in more vitality and power to its users by giving them wider option of personal selections combined with unfaltering modern technology supplements to devices.

Best IPTV player for TV

You can easily install OttPlayer on your Android TV to watch all your favourite IPTV. There are many free IPTV apps for Android TV and Fire TV. It is hard to search and find such applications on internet. Best and easiest way to install free IPTV on your Android TV is by using a TV app store. There are many free TV app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced, UnLinked, Aptoide TV and etc. Those are app stores has multiple stores created by users. You have to use code to access user created stores. Since those stores are user created and maintained by users, you will find popular and working TV apps and games for free.

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