YouCut Video Editor Free Download For Android Devices

If you want to edit the videos before you upload them to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform, YouCut Video Editor is the best tool that you can use. This video editor offers you a simplified video editing experience when compared to the complex video editing software on the PC. You do not have to have a Flagship smartphone for this Youcut app because this only requires a few system resources. All the tools in the app are easily understandable and convenient to use. Anyone can create an awesome movie out of raw video clips using YouCut Video Editor.


Youcut Video Editor Features

  • Split or trim videos instantly – The user can instantly import a video clip to the timeline and trim or split it using the quick tools on the Youcut app.
  • Merge Videos – If you have several video clips and want to make them into one movie clip, this video editor can do it effortlessly.
  • Create a Slideshow with Music – You can import images to the timeline and create a slideshow as you want. Then can add background music for the slideshow and save it.
  • Cool Video Effects – There are lots of Video FX available in the app that can enhance the quality of the project. You can download more via the Youcut app.
  • When it comes to Video editing on mobile devices, Inshot and Kinemaster is also one of the best apps

How to Use Youcut App

  • Importing A Video Photo or Audio – First, open the Youcut video editor and start a project. Tap on the plus button on the screen to browse for media files and select the media files that you want on the timeline. Then tap on the Right button to proceed.
  • Cut Trim Split – On the top of the Youcut timeline, there is the Trim button with a scissor mark. Tap on it and you will get the Cut, Trim, split tools and select one of them. Tap on the media on the storyboard and to what you want.
  • Adding Transitions – Go to the transitions on the Youcut toolset on the screen and select a transition that you want. There are many transitions that you can select.
  • Adding Video Effects – Select the video clip that you want to add a video effect and then tap on the Youcut effects button on the screen. Now select the video effect that you want to add and tap on the right button.
  • Saving The Video – After you are done with the editing there is a save button on the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it. Then select the quality of the video that want in the output. After that, click Save again.

youcut apk download

How to Download

  1. Youcut is an app that you can download for free. Also, you need to root your Android device to use this app. Another important thing is there is no app for iOS devices, unfortunately. Here is the installation guide for the Apk.
  2. Download YouCut Apk file from the link given on the site. As it is mentioned before this can download for free.
  3. Then open the downloaded Apk file. If there is an error, go to your Android settings. Allow Unknown Sources. Then again open the apk file and you will get the Apk installer.
  4. Proceed with the instructions on the screen gives by the APK Installer.
  5. After you installed the app you can open it right after.

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